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About Ancillary Devices

What is/are Ancillary Devices? The name says it all or rather gives it away.

Ancillary /anˈsɪləri/

noun: ancillary; plural noun: ancillaries
A person whose work provides necessary support to the primary activities of an organization, system, etc. Something which functions in a supplementary or supporting role
" The installation of sound systems and ancillaries"

Device /dɪˈvʌɪs/

noun: device; plural noun: devices
A thing made or adapted for a particular purpose, especially a piece of mechanical or electronic equipment.
"An amplifying device"

The purpose of AncillaryDevices started off as a natural need to support and or enhance our other brands AudioLotus, SevenSystems and BrutalAudio. We have spent over 30 years in the industry, both in the permanent installation as well as touring space, have seen and experienced enough if not everything to know and understand the various needs and expectations of the industry.

Signal processing, Audio Sources, Power accessories, Racks, Stands, etc are just some of the products in the arsenal of AncillaryDevices.

All our products are innovated, designed and engineered by our design wing Karma Electric to support, supplement and enhance our installations and offerings.

AncillaryDevices is the fourth brand alongside AudioLotus, SevenSystems and BrutalAudio to join the Fat Funk India LLP family.